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We bring the local delicacies from Debe, Trinidad to the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Made with love and served with a smile, come enjoy the traditional flavors of our family, culture, and home!

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Debe Kitchen Doubles Trinidadian Caribbean Restaurant Brooklyn NY


A common street food in Trinidad, made with curry channa (chickpeas) sandwiched between two savory baras (flat fried dough), and can be topped with various toppings and sauces of your choosing. It may look small, but it sure is filling!

Debe Kitchen Curry Chicken Brooklyn NY Caribbean Restaurant

Curry Chicken

A traditional, household meal which our ancestors brought from India to the Caribbean. Can be served with a side of rice or a fresh buss up shot (roti), or can be wrapped in a fresh, delicious, mouth-watering dhal puri.

Bake & Shark

Trinidad’s iconic, signature flat bread sandwich. You might forget you’re in Brooklyn, NY and think you’re on a beach in Trinidad when you bite into a piece of home! Traditionally topped with coleslaw, pineapple, and various sauces. 

A Community-Based Restaurant


When you walk into Debe Kitchen, you're not just another customer... you're family! This is one of the core values that we brought from our family's restaurant back in Trinidad to Debe Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY. We're so grateful for all the support we received in making this dream come true. We couldn't have done it alone, it was truly a community effort! 

Debe Kitchen Brooklyn NY Caribbean Restaurant


  • Doubles$2.00

Two fluffy, soft pieces of bara (lightly fried dough) served with channa (boiled chick peas) flavored with an aromatic blend Indian spices and a fresh blend Trinidadian herbs, topped with pepper sauce and chutneys to your taste.

  • w/ Chicken$4.50
  • w/ Shrimp$5.00


  • Corn Soup$6.50
  • Chicken Soup$6.50
  • Fish Broth$8.00
  • Yellow Split Pea$5.50


  • Aloo Pie$2.00

Golden brown fried dough patty packed with mashed potatoes and served with delicious chutneys and pepper sauce to your taste. Can also be stuffed with channa, chicken, or shrimp to take your tastebuds to a whole new level!

  • w/ Channa (chick peas)$2.50
  • w/ Chicken$4.50
  • w/ Shrimp$5.00
  • Saheena$2.00

A popular Trinidadian street food consisting of ground channa (split peas), spinach, seasonings, and spices mixed together and fried into a delicious golden fritter. Best eaten with a tamarind or mango chutney.

  • Pholourie (8)$2.00

Light, fluffy split pea dough balls seasoned with Indian spices and deep fried to golden perfection.

  • w/ Channa (chick peas)$5.00
  • Baiganee$1.50

A popular Trinidadian street food consisting of seasoned split pea flour, sliced baigan (eggplant) and various spices mixed together and fried into a delicious golden fritter. Best eaten with a tamarind or mango chutney.


  • Sada Roti

A traditional, simple, lightly pan-toasted flat bread served with a savory side of Baigan Choka (roasted eggplant), Tomato Choka (roasted tomatoes), Pumpkin, Fry Aloo (potatoes), Fry Okro, String Beans, Bhagi (spinach), or Plantain

  • w/ Baigan Choka$5.00
  • w/ Tomato Choka$5.00
  • w/ Pumpkin$5.00
  • w/ Fry Aloo$5.00
  • w/ Fry Okro$5.00
  • w/ String Beans$5.00
  • w/ Bhagi$5.00
  • w/ Plantain$5.00
  • Bake

A lightly fried flatbread sandwich stuffed with your choice of Saltfish, Smokeherring, Salmon, or Shark, and topped with you choice of toppings and sauces.

  • w/ Saltfish$5.00
  • w/ Smokeherring$5.00
  • w/ Salmon$6.00
  • w/ Shark$8.00

Add Pineapple or Coleslaw for $0.80 extra

Lunch & Dinner

served w/ Rice and Salad

  • Curry Chicken$10.00

Chicken sautéed in a fragrant, aromatic blend of spices native to motherland India infused with fresh Trinidadian herbs and peppers to create a savory burst of flavors.

  • Stew Chicken$10.00

A tomato-based dish with sweet texture, fused with combination of fresh herbs, a dash of various spices, and notes of Asian flavors, cooked to perfection with juicy chunks of marinated chicken.

  • Curry Goat$12.00

Roasted cumin powder and a blend of Indian spices infused with fresh, traditional Trinidadian flavors heavily coated over succulent cuts of goat meat.

  • Geera Goat$12.00
  • Curry Lamb$12.00
  • Stew Lamb$12.00
  • Curry Duck$13.00
  • Curry Shrimp$12.00


Buss Up Shot or Dhal Puri

  • Plain Roti$2.75

Roti: a buttery, tender, layered flatbread cooked on the griddle and beaten to give a fluffy and flaky texture. 

Dhal Puri: a savory flatbread stuffed with a thin layer of dhal (yellow split peas) seasoned to perfection and grounded into a smooth paste. Can be served on the side or wrapped with the item of your choosing below.

  • Potato Roti$6.00
  • Veggie Roti w/ 2 items$8.00
  • Chicken Roti$10.00
  • Goat Roti$12.00
  • Lamb Roti$12.00
  • Shrimp Roti$12.00
  • Duck Roti$13.00
  • Conch Roti$13.00


  • Pone$2.50

A decadent, sweet jelly textured cake mixed with grated Cassava (Yuca) and Coconut infused with sugar and spice and baked to golden brown perfection.

  • Currants Roll$3.00

A buttery, brown sugar cinnamon, flaky crust layered and rolled with lots of fruity dried currants. Perfect for an afternoon snack or dessert!

  • Coconut Roll$3.00

A buttery, brown sugar cinnamon, flaky crust layered and folded with fresh grated coconut and aromatics. Best complimented with a cup of coffee or tea.


Imported from Trinidad

  • Water$1.25
  • Coke$2.00
  • Peardrax$3.00
  • Apple J$3.00
  • Pear D$3.00
  • Solo$3.00
  • Mauby$3.00
  • Sorrel$3.00
  • Orchard$3.00
  • Trinidad OJ$3.50

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